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Affiliated Undergraduate Programs

Program In Biological Sciences (PBS)

We are at the threshold of new and fascinating insights into the biology of the living organism. Recent decades have witnessed explosive growth in our knowledge of the fundamental properties of living systems and in our ability to manipulate the molecules that participate in these systems. New knowledge in neurobiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, genetics, and cell biology contributes enormously to our understanding of nature and to human health. As our understanding of biology continues to grow our perspective on the teaching of biology also evolves. The Program in Biological Sciences provides a curriculum in biology that reflects this excitement and commitment to excellence.

The Integrated Science Program (ISP)

The Integrated Science Program (ISP) prepares undergraduates to understand science, to think critically and to make connections. It trains them to attack problems directly and creatively by understanding and applying basic principles. The courses in ISP are challenging, the professors outstanding, and the opportunities for research extraordinary. If you're seriously considering a career in science, you should consider ISP.

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