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Summer Research and Outreach Programs

Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

SROP provides opportunities for direct involvement in research to college sophomores or juniors at the time of application. The program runs for eight weeks each summer. Participants are assigned to a faculty mentor based on interests listed in their personal statement. In addition to lab work, students meet weekly for a variety of workshops, including those on writing skills, GRE exams, and the graduate school process. For more information, contact Dr. Penelope D. Warren at 847.491.8507 or send email to

Continuing Umbrella Of Research Experience (CURE)

The Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience (CURE) Program, funded by the National Cancer Institute at NIH, allows graduating high school seniors and college freshman from underserved minority populations to receive state-of-the-art training in basic, clinical, and population based cancer research. Participants have the opportunity to investigate the mechanisms by which hormones, growth factors, receptors, and viruses control cell fate, oncogenesis, metastasis, and cell growth. Participants receive a stipend (around $3,200) for the 8 week program. For more information, contact Dr. Robin Leikin at 312.908.9229 or via email to

NSF - Research Experience For Undergraduates (REU) In The Materials Research Science And Engineering Center (MRSEC)

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program provides opportunities for undergraduates majoring in science, engineering or mathematics to engage in hands-on materials-related research at the NU-MRSEC for 9 weeks over the summer. Students receive free housing and a stipend. For further information, visit the program website or contact us at, 847-491-3606.

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