Emergency Freezer

  • The Molecular Bioscience Department maintains a -80 freezer for back-up and emergency use. It is available to members of the department for very short term use (ie, for one day of inventory or moving supplies) or for emergency use if another freezer is broken.
  • To reserve the freezer: log into Life Sciences Scheduling System and select the "Miscellaneous" tab. Click "BMBCB -80 Freezer" to see the current schedule.
  • If the freezer is available, click on date and make a reservation.
  • In the comments section, you must include the following information:
    • Contact name and email address
    • Phone number (a cell phone number is preferred, or both a daytime and evening number).
    • If relocated, location where freezer will be temporarily kept (ie, Pancoe 4th Floor Equipment Corridor)
  • Please direct any questions to Molecular Biosciences