Eric Weiss Associate Professor

Research Summary: 

Spatially and temporally coordinated cell growth and cell division

Selected Publications:

Cell Cycle Regulated Interaction of a Yeast Hippo Kinase and Its Activator MO25/Hym1. Hsu J and Weiss EL. PLoS ONE. 2013 October 21;8(10):e78334.

Mitotic Exit and Separation of Mother and Daughter Cells. Weiss EL. Genetics. 2012 December 1;192(4):1165-1202.

Nuclear envelope morphology constrains diffusion and promotes asymmetric protein segregation in closed mitosis. Boettcher B, Marquez-Lago TT, Bayer M, Weiss EL, and Barral Y. Journal of Cell Biology. 2012 June 25;197(7):921-937.

TULIPs: tunable, light-controlled interacting protein tags for cell biology. Strickland D, Lin Y, Wagner E, Hope CM, Zayner J, Antoniou C, Sosnick TR, Weiss EL, and Glotzer M. Nature Methods. 2012 April;9(4):379-384.

Proteome-Wide Discovery of Evolutionary Conserved Sequences in Disordered Regions. Nguyen Ba AN, Yeh BJ, van Dyk D, Davidson AR, Andrews BJ, Weiss EL, and Moses AM. Science Signaling. 2012 March 13;5(215):rs1.

Selected Honors:

Member, American Cancer Society Cell Structure and Metastasis study section

Research Advisory Board, American Cancer Society Illinois Division

2010 Researcher of the Year, American Cancer Society Illinois Division