Neil Kelleher Professor

Research Summary:

The Kelleher lab has three main sub-groups working in the area of Top Down Proteomics, Natural Products Biosynthesis/Discovery, and Chromatin Biology.  The core of the group is built around expertise in technology development for complex mixture analysis using Fourier-Transform mass spectrometry for targeted applications in proteomics and natural products chemistry.  The Kelleher group has a track record built up involving protein separations, mass spectrometric hardware, and success in software development to harness the value of complex FTMS data with very high mass accuracy.

Selected Publications:

A scalable platform to identify fungal secondary metabolites and their gene clusters.  Clevenger, K.D., Bok, J.W., Ye, R., Miley, G.P., Verdan, M.H., Velk, T., Chen, C., Yang, K., Robey, M.T., Gao, P., Lamprecht, M., Thomas, P.M., Islam, M.N., Palmer, J.M., Wu, C.C., Keller, N.P., Kelleher, N.L. Nat Chem Biol. 2017, 13, 895-901.

Proteoforms in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells as Novel Rejection Biomarkers in Liver Transplant Recipients. Toby, T.K., Abecassis, M., Kim, K., Thomas, P.M., Fellers, R.T., LeDuc, R.D., Kelleher, N.L.,  Demetris, J., Levitsky, J.Am J Transplant. 2017, 17, 2458-2467. 

Defining Gas-Phase Fragmentation Propensities of Intact Proteins During Native Top-Down Mass Spectrometry. Haverland, N.A., Skinner, O.S., Fellers, R.T., Tariq, A.A., Early, B.P., LeDuc, R.D., Fornelli, L., Compton, P.D., Kelleher, N.L. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 2017, 28, 1203-1215.

Elucidating the rimosamide-detoxin natural product families and their biosynthesis using metabolite/gene cluster correlations. McClure, R.A., Goering, A.W., Ju, K.S., Baccile, J.A., Schroeder, F.C., Metcalf, W.W., Thomson, R.J., Kelleher, N.L. ACS Chem. Biol., 2016, 11, 3452-3460.

Mapping Proteoforms and Protein Complexes From King Cobra Venom Using Both Denaturing and Native Top-down Proteomics. Melani, R.D., Skinner, O.S., Fornelli, L., Domont, G.B., Compton, P.D., Kelleher, N.L. Mol. Cell. Proteomics, 2016, 15, 2423-2434.