Thomas Meade Professor

Research Summary: 

Our research focuses on inorganic coordination chemistry applied in three areas: biological molecular imaging of in vivo gene expression and intracellular messengers; transition metal complexes as antiviral and antitumor drugs; and electronic biosensors. The design, synthesis and physical properties of transition metal and lanthanide coordination complexes are the foundation of our research efforts. We are developing spectroscopic and magnetic resonance probes that incorporate novel functionality for magnetic resonance and fluorescence in vivo microscopic imaging of biological systems. Further, we are investigating the fundamental properties of long-range electron transfer events in biomolecules for the development of electronic biosensors of DNA and proteins.

Selected Publications:

Adams C., Meade TJ., “Gd(III)-Pt(IV) Theranostic contrast agents for tandem MR imaging and chemotherapy.” Chemical Science, (2020), in press. 

Adams C., Krueger R., Meade TJ.,“A Multimodal Ca(II) Responsive Near IR-MR Contrast Agent Exhibiting High Cellular Uptake." ACS Chemical Biology, (2020), in press.

Lilley LM, Kamper S, Caldwell M, Chia ZK, Mallweg D, Vistain L, Krimmel J, Mills TA, MacRenaris K, Lee P, Waters EA, Meade TJ. “Self Immolative Activation of β-Galactosidase-Responsive Probes for In Vivo MR Imaging in Mouse Models.” Angew Chem Int.Ed Engl., (2020), 59, 388-394. PMCID: PMC6923588.

Li H, Meade TJ. “Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Gd(III)-Based Contrast Agents: Challenges and Key Advances.” J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2019), 141, 43, 17025-17041. PMCID: PMC6821590.

Moore LK, Caldwell MA, Townsend TR, MacRenaris KW, Moyle-Heyrman G, Rammohan N, Schonher EK, Burdette JE, Ho D, Meade TJ. Water-Soluble Nanoconjugate for Enhanced Cellular Delivery of Receptor-Targeted Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agents.” Biocon. Chem., (2019), 30, 2947-2957. PMCID: PMC6868311.

Iscen A, Brue CR, Roberts KF, Kim J, Schatz GC, Meade TJ. ”Inhibition of Amyloid-β Aggregation by Cobalt(III) Schiff Base Complexes: A Computational and Experimental Approach.” J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2019), 141, 16685-16695.

Bajema EA, Roberts KF, Meade TJ, "Cobalt-Schiff Base Complexes: Preclinical Research and Potential Therapeutic Uses."  Metal Ions in Life Sciences,  (A. Sigel, E. Freisinger and R. Sigel, eds.) Vol. 19., Chapter 11, (2019), 4267-4301.

Li H, Parigi G, Luchinat C, Meade TJ. “A Bimodal Fluorescence-Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agent for Apoptosis Imaging.” J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2019), 141 (15), 6224-6233 DOI: PMCID: PMC6939894.

Hanson, ED., Lilley LM., Cain JD., Shiqiang H., Palacios E., Aydin K., Wolverton C., Meade TJ., Dravid, VP., “Phase engineering and optical properties of 2D MoSe2: Promise and pitfalls.” Materials Chemistry and Physics, (2019), 225, 219-226. 

Rotz MW, Holbrook RJ, MacRenaris KW, Meade TJ. "A Markedly Improved Synthetic Approach for the Preparation of Multifunctional Au-DNA Nanoparticle Conjugates Modified with Optical and MR Imaging Probes." Bioconjugate Chemistry, (2018), 29, 11, 3544-3549. PMCID: PMC6268127.

 LM Lilley, K Du, MD Krzyaniak, G Parigi, C Luchinat, TD Harris and TJ Meade.  "Effect of Magnetic Coupling on Water Proton Relaxivity in a Series of Transition Metal-Gd(III) Complexes"  Inorg Chem (2018), 57(10), 5810-5819. PMCID: PMC6016852

Sleep E, Cosgrove BD, McClendon MT, Preslar, AT, Chen CH, Sangjie MH, Perez CMR, Haynes  RD, Meade TJ, Blau HM, Stupp SI."Injectable Biomimetic Liquid Crystalline Scaffolds Enhance Muscle Stem Cell Transplantation." PNAS (2017), 114(38), E7919-E7928. PMCID: PMC5617293


Selected Honors:

National Academy of Inventors Elected Fellow, 2016
Elected Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016
The J. Stieglitz Award: The University of Chicago and The American Chemical Society, 2016
Elected Fellow, American Association of Advancement of Science, 2015
Catalyst Award, Northwestern University and City of Evanston, 2014 
Duke University Hill Lecturer, 2014