Xiaomin Bao Assistant Professor

Research Summary:

The Bao Laboratory is interested in understanding the epigenetic regulation of stem cell maintenance and tissue differentiation. We leverage human skin as the primary research platform,  which integrates the strength of rapid genetic characterization together with high-throughput genomic and proteomic approaches. The long-term goal of our group is to elucidate the gene regulatory networks underlying tissue regeneration, and to provide new insights for human disease therapies. ​

Selected Publications:

CSNK1a1 Regulates PRMT1 to Maintain the Progenitor State in Self-Renewing Somatic Tissue. Bao X, Siprashvili Z, Zarnegar BJ, Shenoy RM, Rios EJ, Nady N, Qu K, Mah A, Webster DE, Rubin AJ, Wozniak GG, Tao S, Wysocka J, Khavari PA. Dev Cell. 2017 October 23;43(2):227-239.e5.

A novel ATAC-seq approach reveals lineage-specific reinforcement of the open chromatin landscape via cooperation between BAF and p63Bao X, Rubin AJ, Qu K, Zhang J, Giresi PG, Chang HY, and Khavari PA. Genome Biology. 2015 December 18;16(1):284.

ACTL6a Enforces the Epidermal Progenitor State by Suppressing SWI/SNF-Dependent Induction of KLF4Bao X, Tang J, Lopez-Pajares V, Tao S, Qu K, Crabtree GR, and Khavari PA. Cell Stem Cell. 2013 February 7;12(2):193-203.

The COOH-terminal Domain of the JIL-1 Histone H3S10 Kinase Interacts with Histone H3 and Is Required for Correct Targeting to ChromatinBao X, Cai W, Deng H, Zhang W, Krencik R, Girton J, Johansen J, and Johansen KM. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2008 November 21;283(47):32741-32750.

RNA polymerase II-mediated transcription at active loci does not require histone H3S10 phosphorylation in Drosophila. Cai W, Bao X, Deng H, Jin Y, Girton J, Johansen J, and Johansen KM. Development. 2008 September 1;135(17):2917-2925.

The JIL-1 kinase interacts with lamin Dm0 and regulates nuclear lamina morphology of Drosophila nurse cellsBao X, Zhang W, Krencik R, Deng H, Wang Y, Girton J, Johansen J, Johansen KM. J Cell Sci. 2005 Nov 1;118(Pt 21):5079-87.

Selected Honors:

NIH/NIAMS K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award, 2014

Albert M. Kligman Travel Fellowship Award,  2014

NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Fellowship,  2011

Dean's Fellowship, Stanford University,  2008