Xiaozhong Wang Professor

Research Summary: 

My laboratory is interested in the regulatory mechanisms that control cell-fate decision during development in mammals. We combine genomic and genetic approaches to investigate how microRNAs and chromatin regulators influence gene expression in embryonic stem cells. We also study how Pcdh signaling pathway regulates the survival of spinal interneurons.

Selected Publications:

RiboDiPA: a novel tool for differential pattern analysis in Ribo-seq data. Nucleic Acids Res. Li, K.; Hope, C.M.; Wang, X.; Wang, J.P. 2020 Dec 2;48(21):12016-12029. PMID: 33211868 (co-correspondence author)

The Cyclic Phosphodiesterase CNP and RNA Cyclase Rtca Fine-tune Noncanonical XBP1 Splicing during ER Stress.  Unlu, I.; Lu, Y.; Wang, X.  The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 14 December 2018, Vol.293(50), pp.19365-19376. PMCID: PMC6302167.

Insights into Nucleosome organization in mouse embryonic stem cells through chemical mapping. Voong LN, Xi L, Sebeson AC, Xiong B, Wang J-P and Wang X. Cell. 2016 November 23; 167, 1555-1570.

A synthetic biology approach identified the mammalian UPR RNA ligase RtcBLu Y, Liang F and Wang X. Molecular Cell. 2014 July 3; 55, 758-70.

Mammalian hyperplastic discs Homolog EDD Regulates miRNA-Mediated Gene Silencing. Su H, Meng S, Lu Y, Trombly MI, Chen J, Lin C, Turk A, and Wang X. Molecular Cell. 2011 July 8;43(1):97-109.

PDCD10/CCM3 Acts Downstream of γ-Protocadherins to Regulate Neuronal Survival. Lin C, Meng S, Zhu T, and Wang X. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2010 December 31;285(53):41675-41685.

Disruption of the clock components CLOCK and BMAL1 leads to hypoinsulinaemia and diabetes. Marcheva B, Ramsey KM, Buhr ED, Kobayashi Y, Su H, Ko CH, Ivanova G, Omura C, Mo S, Vitaterna MH, Lopez JP, Philipson LH, Bradfield CA, Crosby SD, JeBailey L, Wang X, Takahashi JS, and Bass J. Nature. 2010 July 29;466(7306):627-631.

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