Richard Carthew Professor

Research Summary:

The Carthew lab uses systems biology to study gene expression dynamics during animal development, specifically in Drosophila. We apply high­throughput image analysis of single­cell quantitative expression of proteins and mRNAs, coupled with ODE modeling of expression dynamics.

Selected Publications:

Differential masking of natural genetic variation by miR-9a in Drosophila.  Cassidy, J.J., Straughan, A.J. and R. W. Carthew Genetics 202, 675-687. (2016)

Spindle-E cycling between nuage and cytoplasm is controlled by Qin and Piwi proteins.  Andress, A., Bei, Y., Fonslow, B.R., Giri, R., Wu, Y., Yates III, J.R. and R.W. Carthew Journal of Cell Biology 213, 201-211. (2016)

Dynamics and heterogeneity of a fate determinant during transition towards cell differentiation.  Peláez, N., Gavalda-Miralles, A., Wang, B., Tejedor Navarro, H., Gudjonson, H., Rebay, I.,Dinner, A.R., Katsaggelos, A.K., Amaral, L.A.N. and R. W. Carthew  eLife 10.7554/eLife.08924. (2015)

miR-9a minimizes the phenotypic impact of genomic diversity by buffering a transcription factor.  Cassidy, J.J., Jha, A.R., Posadas, D.M., Giri, R., Venken, K.J.T., Ji, J., Jiang, H., Bellen, H.J., White, K.P. and R.W. Carthew.  Cell 155, 1556-1567 (2013)

Functionally diverse microRNA effector complexes are regulated by extracellular signaling.