2022-2023 Assistant Professor Application Instructions

Molecular Biosciences Tenure-Track Assistant Professor

The Department of Molecular Biosciences seeks to recruit a tenure-track faculty member at the level of Assistant Professor, whose research addresses fundamental problems in biology using computational and/or theoretical methods. To see the full ad, please click here.

Applications will be accepted through our online application system. Please prepare all documents in advance as incomplete applications can not be saved.  The following information is required:

     1. Please prepare five separate PDFs for the following and label as indicated:
  • Cover letter to the Search Committee
    LastNameFirstInitial_coverletter.pdf (example: smithd_coverletter.pdf
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion statement:                                                                        LastNameFirstInitial_DEI.pdf (example: smithd_DEI.pdf)
  • Curriculum vitae
    LastNameFirstInitial_CV.pdf (example: smithd_CV.pdf)
  • Research Proposal: Statement of previous research accomplishments and future research goals
    LastNameFirstInitial_research.pdf  (example: smithd_research.pdf)
  • Teaching Statement: Statement of previous teaching experience and interests
    LastNameFirstInitial_teaching.pdf (example: smithd_teaching.pdf)

File name conventions listed above are required.  Please save or "print-to-PDF" your individual documents in PDF format. This method is preferred over scanning because it retains text recognition capabilities.

     2. External References:

Please prepare a list of names and e-mail addresses for your external references.  Three references are required but you may include up to five.  Please notify your references that directions for uploading a letter of recommendation will be automatically e-mailed directly to them.  These notifications are sent out in batches so it may be a few days before your reference receives the e-mail. References will be asked to use the following naming convention: YourLastName_Recommender'sLastName.pdf (example: smith_jones.pdf)

    3. Submit application.

After compiling your pdf files and list of references, please proceed to the online application submission page. You must complete all required fields before clicking the submit button. The system will not accept incomplete applications and there is no opportunity to save incomplete applications.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation shortly after you have submitted your application. Applications submitted by November 15, 2022 will be ensured full consideration.

Please direct any questions about the application submission process to molbiosci@northwestern.edu.