Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes:
  • The QSB program has been an important stepping stone for students who have graduated from the program.
  • To date, 50% of the students who have graduated have gone on to Ph.D. programs.
Class of 2021 (four students)
  • 1 in Ph.D. program: Northwestern University’s IBiS program
  • 3 currently in QSB program
Class of 2020 (four students)
  • 3 in Ph.D. programs: 2 in Northwestern University’s IBiS program, 1 in Humboldt University (Germany)
  • 1 in biotech industry: New Bellus (Taiwan)
Class of 2019 (six students)
  • 2 in Ph.D. programs:  UC Irvine; University of Washington
  • 3 in academic research: Asan Medical Center (Seoul), Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (China)
  • 1 no current information