QSB Costs and Financial Aid

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  • Detailed information regarding graduate tuition and fees can be found on the tuition page of The Graduate School (TGS) of Northwestern.
  • The tuition and fees (not including health insurance) for the QSB program are $87,264 for 2023-2024 (2024-2025 tuition information is not yet available, but some increase is expected):
    • Tuition (4 quarters):  $86,200
    • Student Health Fee:  $1,064
  • All students are required to have health insurance. For students whose insurance does not meet minimum requirements, and for all students on F-1 and J-1 visas, the Northwestern University Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan (NU-SHIP) is mandatory.  More information on health insurance and waiving NU-SHIP coverage can be found on the Student Health Insurance website.  
    • NU-SHIP Health Insurance (4 quarters):  $5,144 (2023-2024 cost)


  • Living expenses such as housing, food, and personal spending are estimated to be $23,000 for the 2023-2024 academic year.  This price will vary depending on a student's choice in lifestyle and housing.  


  • The large majority of graduate students at Northwestern live in off-campus housing. There are many off campus options and off campus housing provides much greater choice than can be offered by Northwestern.
  • Evanston/Chicago has many diverse neighborhoods (e.g. urban, suburban, hip, quiet, etc.,) in a variety of price ranges and proximity to campus.
  • Admitted QSB students are introduced to current QSB students who act as "buddies" to help incoming students navigate finding housing and, if needed, other aspects of life in Evanston and America.


  • Engelhart Hall Apartments are open to all graduate students, their partners, and families. Recently renovated apartment units feature redesigned floor space and new kitchens with all new appliances. Staff are on-site.  For more information, visit the Graduate Housing website.



  • For US citizens and green card holders:
    • A limited number of $5,000.00 fellowships are available. These fellowships will be awarded starting February 1 when rolling admissions begin. 
  • For US underrepresented minority students:
    • Fellowships in excess of $5,000 can likely be arranged for underrepresented minorities.  Please contact Professor Greg Beitel at beitel@northwestern.edu for further information.
  • For international students:
    • Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer financial aid to international students.
TGS provides more robust information about financial aid. Click on the links below for quick references from TGS.