The QSB program can help you get into a Ph.D. program!

  • 73% of QSB graduates who applied to Ph.D. programs have been admitted (details here):
    • Northwestern University, U of Washington, UC Irvine, Washington University St. Louis, McGill University - Canada, Humboldt University - Germany
  • 63% of QSB students who applied for transfer to Northwestern’s IBiS Ph.D. program have been admitted (details here)

THE MISSION of the one-year QSB program is to train students in quantitative and systems biology approaches and techniques that will enable them to succeed in top Ph.D. and M.D. programs or directly enter research careers in industry or academia. 

There is a tremendous demand for quantitative and computational skills to tackle “Big Data” and to employ systems approaches in biomedical research and personalized medicine ... are you ready? 

The QSB program is ideal for students who:

  • Want to improve their skills and credentials for Ph.D. applications
  • Want to enter biomedical research at an advanced level

The QSB program provides intensive research and course-based training that equips students with the skills to enter industry or graduate programs at a higher level.

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